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1386 comments. . Log in to comment. 276,361 likes · 17,991 talking about this. About Dunia Shuaib. Email *. Namanya berasal dari kata Sunnah, yakni meneladani apa yang telah diajarkan Nabi Islam Muhammad.


Usthadha Dunia’s talk was created after years of research she conducted across communities via surveys.

The divide between Sunnis and Shia is the largest and oldest in the history of Islam.

She continually strives to provide high quality psychoeducation in a way that is easily accessible to the entire Ummah.

he is nor suni nor shia he is wahabi.

Ustadha Dunia Shuaib gives comforting spiritual insights gaining Allah’s (SWT) forgiveness in Ramadan and beyond.

Hal ini menyebabkan protes Sunni di tempat-tempat yang jauh termasuk Gerakan Khilafat di India, yang kelak memperoleh kemerdekaan dari Inggris serta terbagi menjadi Pakistan yang didominasi Sunni dan.

Key Differences Between Shia and Sunni Muslims. 2. Sunni, Arabic Sunnī, member of one of the two major branches of Islam, the branch that consists of the majority of that religion’s adherents.

Servant of The Most Merciful For speaking requests please email bookings@duniashuaib.

Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.


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85-90% menganut Islam Sunni. But.

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Jumlah penganut Syiah tidak diketahui dengan pasti, karena di banyak negara tidak ada sensus yang mencatat agama.

Research proves that if you do the above 5 times, it can lower your levels of anxiety and sadness. Dunia has 1 job listed on their profile. Ustādha Duniā is available to be booked for your events, be it a conference, fundraiser, evening lecture, seminar, weekend workshop, etc. Shuayb is traditionally identified with.

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. Dunia describes the love of the Prophet Muhammad for his Ummah and the forgotten Sunnah of Mindfulness. . TikTok video from Dunia Shuaib (@duniashuaib): "Allah swt says “Write for my servant an abundance of my Love” #duniashuaib #prophetmuhammad #islam #islamicvideo #islamicreminders #muslim #foryoupage #allah". Dunia Shuaib. . . . The divide between Sunnis and Shia is the largest and oldest in the history of Islam. . .

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class=" fc-falcon">The Prophet ﷺ loved us more than we can imagine.




. . She has a passion for helping people, and continually strives to do so by providing high. . 344K Followers, 4 Following, 2,029 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dunia Shuaib (@duniashuaib).


Email *. [1] Shuayb is traditionally identified with the Biblical Jethro, Moses' father-in-law. .